How to search info about the organism

1. How to begin Searching


To search a eukaroytes organism, just press the Organism Tab. Enter the organism name or the Taxon ID of Organism in the given text box. The text box is auto suggesting, so as soon as the user presses any key, a drop down list of the organisms starting with the first few alphabets / digits entered by the user will be listed. The user can choose / enter the organism name and Click Search.                           

2. What all organisms are there with Alphabet, say R?


The Organism tab list Alphabet A-to-Z on it. The user when clicks on an alphabet, all the organisms which have name with that alphabet as starting letter, will be listed. If the user wish to know the information about that organism, then select and copy that name. Paste that name into the text box provided. Click on Search. The information will be produced in a tabular manner.


3. Search Result

User enters the eukaroytes organism name Or Taxon ID, just click the Submit button. The organism's Taxon ID The Full Scientific Name and the Common Name will be shown in the table. The Taxon ID is a hyperlink that will give all the Taxon Information about the organism.