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The kinases encoded by organism with taxon id 1278253:

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Uniprot ID Subfamily Information Sequence Length Domain Information
Name PFAM ID Start-End Region E-value %Similarity Match
M1H0E8 unclassified 319
Pkinase PF00069.25 1-244 9.2e-08 64.7727272727273
M1HP99 unclassified 260
Pkinase PF00069.25 1-260 7.3e-53 99.6212121212121
M1HPB5 unclassified 262
Pkinase PF00069.25 1-262 3.2e-50 99.6212121212121
M1HYQ6 unclassified 258
Pkinase PF00069.25 1-258 7.9e-46 99.6212121212121