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The kinases encoded by organism with taxon id 1852879:

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Uniprot ID Subfamily Information Sequence Length Domain Information
Name PFAM ID Start-End Region E-value %Similarity Match
A0A1V5IHU5 Bud32_Dd_Other_Bud32 440
Peptidase_M22 PF00814.25 1-202 2.2e-65 74.169741697417
APH PF01636.23 265-425 2.1e-07 20
A0A1V5ILE6 unclassified 848
PEGA PF08308.11 102-171 3.2e-15 82.8571428571429
Pkinase PF00069.25 583-834 5.7e-47 95.4545454545455