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The kinases encoded by organism with taxon id 3570:

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Uniprot ID Subfamily Information Sequence Length Domain Information
Name PFAM ID Start-End Region E-value %Similarity Match
A0A0S2C4B6 18512_Tt_CMGC_MAPK 394
Pkinase PF00069.25 62-345 3.5e-78 97.7272727272727
N0DLL3 MarkmE1_Mm_CAMK_CAMKL 335
Pkinase PF00069.25 4-260 2.4e-75 99.6212121212121
A0A0S2C3H3 6784_Tt_CMGC_MAPK 371
Pkinase PF00069.25 38-323 1e-73 98.1060606060606
N0DLM6 MarkmD4_Mm_CAMK_CAMKL 361
Pkinase PF00069.25 4-260 5.5e-76 99.6212121212121