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The kinases encoded by organism with taxon id 7653:

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Uniprot ID Subfamily Information Sequence Length Domain Information
Name PFAM ID Start-End Region E-value %Similarity Match
Q25378 PKCa_Hs_AGC_PKC 658
C1_1 PF00130.22 28-80 3.3e-21 94.3396226415094
C1_1 PF00130.22 93-145 7.7e-20 96.2264150943396
C2 PF00168.30 162-268 7.1e-30 98.0582524271845
Pkinase PF00069.25 325-583 1.4e-64 99.2424242424242
Pkinase_C PF00433.24 604-644 1e-07 95.6521739130435