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The kinases encoded by organism with taxon id 9925:

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Uniprot ID Subfamily Information Sequence Length Domain Information
Name PFAM ID Start-End Region E-value %Similarity Match
Q28317 KIT_Hs_TK_PDGFR 978
Ig_2 PF13895.6 36-107 4.7e-05 73.4177215189873
Ig_2 PF13895.6 211-309 8.1e-07 94.9367088607595
Ig_3 PF13927.6 316-397 5.8e-08 87.3417721518987
Ig_3 PF13927.6 404-496 3.4e-08 75.9493670886076
Pkinase_Tyr PF07714.17 590-926 9.1e-107 99.2277992277992