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Accession ID A0A0W8DNM9
Protein name Dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase component of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (EC 2.3.1.-)
Gene name AM587_10009538
Taxonomic lineage "cellular organisms, Eukaryota, Stramenopiles, Oomycetes, Peronosporales, Peronosporaceae, Phytophthora, Phytophthora nicotianae (Buckeye rot agent)" >
Sequence Length 942 AA
Fasta Sequence File Name A0A0W8DNM9.fsa      
Domain Information

Domain name: Biotin_lipoyl

Pfam family: PF00364.22

Start-End region: 1-63

Domain name: 2-oxoacid_dh

Pfam family: PF00198.23

Start-End region: 161-396

Domain name: Pkinase

Pfam family: PF00069.25

Start-End region: 410-666

Domain name: DUF3375

Pfam family: PF11855.8

Start-End region: 886-939