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Accession ID E6RCG2
Protein name "Cdc42p activated signal transducing ser/thr kinase of the PAK family, putative Cla4p"
Gene name CGB_I4170W
Taxonomic lineage "cellular organisms, Eukaryota, Opisthokonta, Fungi, Dikarya, Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Tremellomycetes, Tremellales (jelly fungi), Cryptococcaceae, Cryptococcus, Cryptococcus gattii species complex, Cryptococcus gattii VGI, Cryptococcus gattii serotype B (strain WM276 / ATCC MYA-4071) (Filobasidiella gattii) (Cryptococcus bacillisporus)" >
Sequence Length 721 AA
Fasta Sequence File Name E6RCG2.fsa      
Domain Information

Domain name: Pkinase

Pfam family: PF00069.25

Start-End region: 17-269