How to search info about the Uniprot ID

1. How to begin Searching


To search about Uniprot ID organism, just press the Uniprot Tab. Enter the Uniprot ID in the given text box. The text box has auto suggest feature. The user can choose / enter the Uniprot ID and Click Search.                           

2. How to interpret the results?


The search results a table with 4 fields in it namely Uniprot ID, Subfamily Information, Sequence Length, Domain Information. The details are as follows:

  • Uniprot ID
  • Protein Name
  • Gene Name
  • Sequence length : Amino Acid sequence length of that particular Uniprot.
  • Taxonimic Lineage :
  • Fasta Sequence : The .fsa is the fasta sequence file name. The user may download the file on their local machine by clicking on download button. The user can view the file contents by clicking on View button.
  • Domain Information : Structural domains which are self-stabilizing and fold independently of the rest of the protein chain. They may occur independently or as part of complex multidomain protein architectures. Protein domains can therefore be viewed as a ‘parts list’. This coloumn contains all the domains contained in that given protein.
    • Domain Name
    • Pfam family
    • Start - End Region